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Bachelor of Arts (BA): Minor subject

The module manual of the BA English and American Studies as a minor subject (Ergänzungsfach) stipulates that students may complete at least 1 and at most 5 modules in English Linguistics: The Basic Module Linguistics in the first year of study, as well as 1 to 2 Intermediate Modules and 1 to 2 Advanced Modules in the second and third year of study.

Since students only have to choose two out of three Basic Modules, the Basic Module Linguistics must be completed as a pre-requisite to taking Intermediate linguistics courses in the area 'Structure'. For Intermediate linguistics courses in the are 'Development', the completion of the Basic Module Medieval English Studies is required.

Apart from that, the Basic and Intermediate Modules follow the same regulations as for English majors. In the Advanced stage, English minors must take two Advanced Modules, of which one is to be completed with an exam of some type (usually a term paper) and the other with documented active participation in the courses of the module.

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