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Studying English Linguistics

BN certificates can be collected in person during the office hours of the Hiwi-Zimmer. If you need a digital copy, BNs can also be sent as a scan via email.


The English Language and Linguistics department offers various modules and courses as part of the department's degree programs. The following pages contain more detailed information on the English Language and Linguistics parts of the Bachelor's and Master's degree program, respectively.

General information and guidance for all matters pertaining to your studies should be directed to the department's Studierendenbüro (student office).

All current courses can be found in the online course directory HISLSF. You can access it by following the link below. 

You can download the waiting lists for the courses of the summer semester 2024 here:

Additionally, you can find more information on the registration procedure for English Linguistics courses here.

The following pages hold useful information for your studies in English Linguistics. On the one hand in the shape of guidelines for writing term papers and holding presentations, on the other in the shape of links to helpful online resources.

Additionally, knowledge of common notational conventions is essential for understanding linguistic texts as well as doing your own academic work.

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