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University of Alicante/Spain

  • March 2018—Language of Food (Erasmus staff exchange)

Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf / Germany:

  • Winter 2018—Methodology Course: Projects in Morphology
  • Winter 2018—The Relationship between Wordformation & Syntax
  • Summer 2018—Frame Semantics
  • Summer 2018—Introduction to English Language and Linguistics: Part II – Use
  • Winter 2017—Language & Food
  • Winter 2017—Introduction to English Language and Linguistics: Part I – Structure
  • Summer 2017—Morphological Theory
  • Summer 2017—Semantics
  • Winter 2016—Phonetics & Phonology
  • Winter 2016—Pragmatics
  • Summer 2016—English Syntax
  • Summer 2016—Sociolinguistics: The Use of Language and its Variation

Universität Kassel / Germany:

  • Summer 2015—Introduction to Semantics
  • Winter 2014—Morphology
  • Summer 2014—Introduction to Linguistics
  • Winter 2013—Theories of Morphology
  • Summer 2013—Adjectives: The Morphology and Semantics of Word Classes
  • Winter 2012—Introduction to Linguistics
  • Summer 2012—Morphology
  • Winter 2011—Semantics
  • Summer 2011—English Morphology
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